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Fantastical Nothings

on October 1, 2010

Greetings and salutations,

I really do search hard for places that are creative and good for my mind, however, I had yet to find something or a blog that really took my interest.  A few years back my photography inclined sister made a blog on wordpress, I was truly amazed by the wonder that comes with such a blog and I’ve been considering this place ever since.

Only now do I realize I am mature enough to take matters into my own hands and write about my Fantastical Nothings. The title was created thanks to my own brain and the fact that I tend to talk of…well, nothing or something, depending on your view of my babbling. So without further ado…

This crispy air really brings on the best in me not that I don’t adore summer obviously you can swim, eat cold-foods and do practically anything. But when that chilly weather sets in and that wonderful wind picks at your skin, it just makes you want to dance around in circles. Some people really don’t share my opinion, I’m sure. The apples that come with this weather are usually just as “crisp” as the weather, tart and sweet, wonderful to eat.

Also, with this chillz-for-thrills weather, brings on an event that makes us all giddy! Halloween. The spooks and the haunts, the curious feeling you get while you set up for the events that will either make you laugh, or scream. Who can say on the mysterious night of nights?

There are many legends based around Halloween, I myself, used to believe it was the devil’s birthday. Scoff my friends, scoff. For it was a foolish notion fed to me by my own need to make an excuse as to why we (my siblings and I) were not allowed to trick-or-treat. Since the point of my growind old enough to actually have a brain, I started to doubt the words I spoke to everyone. Halloween is not, in fact, the devil’s birthday, but it is simply given so much flair and finesse that people started to make wild accusations before hearing the whole truth. Certainly, wiccans seem to think that Halloween is the night to murder, then again, Wiccans use any excuse they can to do evil isn’t that so?

Now, I’ve done some research on this topic and found some interesting things. Halloween has many tales that are spun around it, and some are more frightening and blood-chilling than others.  Some people, apparently believe that if you “chant” for Bloody Mary, an evil demond or spirit will appear. How frightful, why would anyone want to do that? I’ll tell you; to satisfy their curiousity and their fears.

Interesting fact:

Halloween has been celebrated for over 2000 years and was an important annual festival to the ancient Celts. The Druids regarded November 1 as New Year’s Day. It was known as Samhain, (pronounced sow’-en, literally meaning the end of summer) and was a time for celebrating the year’s harvest and for honoring the dead. The Celts believed that all laws of time and space were suspended during this time, allowing spirits to roam the earth and intermingle with the living, so they built raging fires and made offerings to appease these restless spirits.” – http://www.meridiangraphics.net/halloween.htm

I’ve heard a great deal of hogs-swallow surrounding this rather mysterious and mystical holiday. But some of the true facts, are even more horrifying than the fakes.

Some people believe that a “veil” is lifted and the “Evil spirits” or “spirts” period may walk among us and cause us trouble. Also, I think there is a fairy-legend surrounding this holiday, were the “fair folk” may walk in out world without worries until dawn. And as we know, the fairies are not exactly friendly.

Apparently, the trick-or-treating was first invented by Christians, who went around asking for “soul cakes” where then they would say a prayer for the dead before leaving. This was a funny thing to find out and I must admit my eyebrows shot up.

Let’s not forget our beloved friend the headless horseman! Such a wonderful character that should have more love, simply because he hunts people because he lost his head shouldn’t make him any enemy. I joke, just so you serious people with no humor know.

No matter what we believe…Halloween is simply an inspiring holiday.

I shall finish this later on the account that I must go to a fair.


2 responses to “Fantastical Nothings

  1. Crystal says:

    I did some research on the subject a while back as well. The thing that got me most is the druids to “appease the spirits” would make human sacrifices.

    Kinda scary stuff. Druids were basically medieval wiccans I suppose.

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