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A decision

on October 13, 2010

Decisions are hard to make, especially when you have pitted yourself against ever liking something. But yesterday, after my last journal, I realized that instead of going into this class with negative thoughts, I need to look at it as an oppurtunity to further my understanding and my grasp on writing! I have been blessed, so why shouldn’t I enjoy this class even if its not something I want? We don’t always get the things we want in life as many of you all already know. But we much less get the experiences that we need, and I can honestly say if we got more experience and less of the things we “want” then we would probably stand a better chance in life.

I am constantly shocked by the brain God has given me, to be able to talk myself out of a situation without saying a word out-loud, and being able to see the light through the darkness that clouds my vision. I’m so pleased to not think the way some people do, to be able to move through a shifting fog without real fear and to put my whole heart into God and know that no matter where he takes me, I will make it.

Ok, so Halloween is on the way, but Halloween for me also means my birthday is about 6 days away, scary and exciting, every year I’m getting older and its a frightful thought. I’m scared of my age and excited too! Such a strange mixture that stirs in my gut. This Halloween though, I plan to be as scary/cool as I can be with my looks, I want to be a Vampirate.

Vampirates are the ultimate beings, they sail ships, have fangs, speed, incredible strength and can still do anything they want while being pirates. They are very dangerous, yes more dangerous than a Ninja or a Samurai (and that’s saying a lot) So this Halloween, I’m inspired to be that, a creature who is neither light nor dark, something the seeks out only what it can have and never looks for more than that.  I need a shirt and such, but I’m hoping to cover that this weekend when I get paid. Haha.

What are you being for Halloween? A ghoul, goblin, warlock? Tell me if you like, I’m interested.

A writing contest is being held on the forum I attend, its a 1K word contest and I find that ridiculiously easy so! I will be joining and most definitely hope that this story turns out to everyone’s liking because it has to have humor and less gore. I am thinking of something pretty hilarious.  Bevare my pretties!! Bwhahahha.

Oh and Halloween also means, Chrisgiving, Christmas and Thanksgiving. Because my grandparents leave for winter, so we created our own holiday! Isn’t that cool? Its rare that such a thing ever happens in a family.


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