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on October 22, 2010

Yes, yes I am talking about my birthday. Is it a bit early? Sure, yes, but only by 13 days!

I’ve decided what kind of cake I’ll be making (yes for myself) because I am the only one who is willing to do it! Ahah! Its going to be a Durarara!! Cake, and for those of you who don’t know DRRR, well I can’t blame you, you probably aren’t an addict like me.

I’m planning on making it silhouette’d, so that means all the characters will be black, I’m making it sorta like an ipod thing though, Shizuo is going to have his orange glasses showing, Izaya will probably have the greyish/white fur on his jacket showing and prolly his eyes. Who knows. I’m not sure about Celty, I’m thinking red for her Helmet and such. I haven’t decided who else will be on the cake, but we’ll see! ^_^ I’m super excited.

My grandmother bought fondent for her cake and we didn’t use it all, there’s a TON left, so I’ll be using it for my cake! Which my grandmother is fine with. Yaaay! I’m not sure about the flavor of the cake, so we’ll see what happens there.

I do not have a camera, I will be unable to take pictures D: that’s OK though, I’m sure my granddad will take plenty. I intend to work REALLY hard on this cake, after I get home from work/college i’ll be working on it in my spare time, starting Oct. 30. ^_^ I’m going to draw out what I want first (obviously) So, wish me luck.

Oh, I’m adding two additonal blogs, one is going to be my “story” writing blurbs and the other an art blog, for random sketches I may do.


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