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When Thanksgiving comes A’Knockin’

on November 23, 2010

We all love the holidays, the food, the family and the warm spirit of everyone just having a good time. Oh but wait, lets not forget that the “family” will probably be cold and unwelcoming to each other, or at least the ones who don’t like each other. Which makes for an awkward atmosphere. However, if we look past these small glowers on the situation things can be rather welcoming.

For instance, my boss has invited my sister and I over for Thanksgiving, which was a pleasant surprise since I can’t make it to my Aunt’s. She is super excited and I actually kind of am as well, to meet her family and have a good time sounds like tons of fun. I’ve actually been wanting to meet her family.

Lately, as this year has been tugging to a close, I’ve felt very little accomplishment (again) every year I get a dreaded feeling that I’m just not doing enough for anything to matter and therefore I need to get a kick-start. This feeling will leave eventually, but for now, I’m just not sure where I am going with myself. I can’t write a novel to save my life and I’m struggling with everything I do. I’m not good at much of anything and I don’t really seem to be making much of a difference in the world.

Ahh, the loathing of life. No worries. I will become accomplished! Or strive too anyway. With help.

As Thanksgiving comes closer, two days away now, I feel a little happier knowing my sister and I won’t be alone for Thanksgiving dinner and that perhaps we will have a good time with my boss and her family. I can’t wait to eat a slice of turkey ~

So tell me, what will you be doing when Thanksgiving comes a knockin’? And whats your favorite dish? And what are you most thankful for?


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