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Come again…?

on December 13, 2010

This is a phrase we often use when we don’t understand what someone has said, “Come again?” its not an invitation, its a question such as; “What did you say?” or “I didn’t get that.” they are closely related and possibly cousins. However, that is not the point I am trying to convey. When one wakes up in the morning and they had previously (the other day) tried to do their hair so it would be wavy and pretty like a models, they might be very disappointed to go into the bathroom, undo-whatever they used; curlers, bobbi-pins etc.- and find that not only did their plan not succeed, it is a down right disaster!

Well, that’s how I woke up this morning- yesterday after a nice shower, I put my hair into little curled up bobs and held them there with bobbi-pins. Needless to say, I looked hilarious, but expected good results (Why? I haven’t the foggiest) forgetting that my hair is rebellious and hates to corporate I undid the bobbies.  What followed after that was a horrendous monster of poof and fluff sticking and twirling off my head-a monster that has no right to be on anyone’s head- but there it was, curling and poofing and making me look down-right laughable. I felt like Lucy from “I Love Lucy” -when she does her home-perm and leaves it in for 5 hours instead of 2 or whatever it was- I didn’t cry though, I looked at my dismayed self in and mirror and laughed, well more of a chuckle (my sister was asleep) I grabbed my brush and began to attack the massive poofs and twirls, only to discover…it had gotten worse, and it was horribly knotty. I continued the expedition to conquer my hair for at least 5 minutes before I spotted the mousse that hadn’t been used in a while. Well, friendly can of mousse, it was his job to put my hair right! I grabbed the can, and rapidly put a palm-full of mousse in my hair to subdue it. It worked-ish. In the end, I used my poor bobbi-pins again and put my hair back leaving some of the poof-and-fluff out so it didn’t look like I was some Yakuza man. Then I added a nice dose of hairspray to keep it in place.

Where does the relevance of “come again?” come in? Well, it comes in when you stand in front of that mirror and see that hair that NO ONE should have to endure, and you really just want to say to the reflection; “Come again?!”  Because, when someone says something you can’t understand or makes you angry, that is the term one usually uses. Its not an invite, so hair… please DO NOT “come again.”

After that fiasco, I realized it was snowing (thanks to my boss) and hurried to get my car warmed up, and get to work. My boss informed me we could wear jeans and happily, I dressed in my gray-gunner looking jeans. When I got in to work, I saw that no one else was wearing jeans, I felt emabarassed and sat still at my desk, until my boss arrived, she (to my relief) was wearing jeans. Thank God, otherwise I would have felt comepletely ashamed.

Lately, at night, for the past… oh few months, I’ve been reading Psalm 119. This is a huuuuuge passage, and I am loving every minute of it, but I keep stumbling across rare pieces of gold and find myself wishing to be more like the writer of these verses.

Psalm 119: Samek, 113 I hate the double-minded,
But I love Your law.

This one I read last night, the whole of Samek, is good. But I really, really, really was struck by this verse. “Hate” its a funny word to see, but I saw it and realized, “hating” the double-minded, isn’t wrong. It just means, that person isn’t of a single-mind set for God, that person doesn’t love God’s works, he is continually swaying between belief and worldly things. I can’t quite describe it, but in the little notes in the bottom of my Bible, it said; “Not of a single-mind set…”


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