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Its almost that time again…

on December 30, 2010

What? Really? Another New Year? But I’m not ready!!

That’s Ok, instead of wallowing in the fact that you sat around all year eating cookies and cake, live the end of the year with joy~ and instead of drinking and eating, maybe take a run with a sparkler! That’s exciting.  Plus this gives you time for more plans! Do you have your New Year’s resolutions?

Last year, I thought; “HECK NO!” because I just didn’t want to take that up, but let me tell you…New Years resolutions are great motivaters. And this year, I plan to do a lot! I’m changing practically everything about my room, I’m going to be changing my eating style, and I’m seriously going to do my best at what I want to do! I’m sick of whining every end of the year about “how I never got anything accomplished” so instead of whining, get determined! Make something of your life, don’t get jealous or envious of the people who have done more than you, instead do more for yourself and then they can be jealous and envious of you (j/k please dont’ make others like that)

I, myself, have been working hard on my art to accomplish my goals! So starting this New Year I will be making a huge turn around! I’m stepping in the right direction with all the determination of a bull running through Tokyo! <— (That makes NO sense) and i don’t care if my first trys are craptacular! I will make it. Please cheer me on! I’ll be cheering you on.

Lots of Love and hope for the New Year!

See you soon! (Why am I updating on the days I said I shouldn’t?)


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