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on January 6, 2011

I just read an article on Yahoo! That explains things for babies born in 2011 will be different when they reach say, 15? Well, let me tell you something I find completely obnoxious on their part. That reporter has no idea how stupid they sounded. Wanna know why? Because, an educated person would not allow their child to “text” someone, especially if that child is 5 years old! That’s simply ridiculous! And how unfortunate that people literally ALLOW their children to play with cellphones, ipads, iphones, ipods, etc. Those electronic devises are worse for people than standing in front of a microwave.

In fact, you are practically microwaving yourself by just having your cellphone, or ipod in your pocket. Good luck with the cancer and having babies.  Its been proven that those electronic devices, can literally make people sterile and long-term exposure to them can help feed cancer.

Now tell me, you “educated” people, would you really give a vulnerable child or infant a device that can destroy the human body? I wouldn’t. That is for darn sure.  Don’t believe me? Why don’t you just look up some articles, they will prove to you that I am telling the truth.

Also, the reporter seemed to think that books would go out of style. Well, excuse me if Kindle’s are just as dangerous as cellphones. Plus, it’s a desperate cry for money from electronic companies. Myself, personally? I like books, I  love holding them and leaning back with them and smelling that lovely smell. With a Kindle or whatever you use, you don’t get that, you have a flat piece of plastic and you have to sit properly with it instead of getting cozy, plus if you step on it, it breaks. Books? Nope, in fact set your cups on them, it won’t hurt them. Also, if you just spent HOURS in front of a computer at work, whats going to make you want to sit with a smaller computer in your lap reading? Can we say stupid idea?

It’s not good to render “writing” completely obsolete! They said cursive will be outdated. Um, Ok, so you are telling me that children won’t be able to write in beautiful script? Freak you man, I’m teaching my kids how to write in cursive and if they are the only one in their class with beautiful hand-writing? More the better for them!

I refuse to get my teenager a cellphone until they are 17 years old, I was that age when I got one and its stupid that kids/teens expect cellphones when they are 13!! Too young! Far too young. You adults out there, get some sense! If you don’t want your kids talking to strangers, don’t give them a cellphone. Lord knows what they are doing on that thing when you aren’t looking.

So, let me ask you… whats going to be outdated?  Because honestly, I still watch VHS and it still makes me smile and laugh just like and DVD or stupid stinkin’ blu-ray.


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