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Going to bed early, Waking up early

on January 10, 2011

There is a saying that goes; “The early bird catches the worm.” you may have heard it from some random person, an annoying friend, or maybe your parents when they tried to get you up. But tell me, just how motivating is a “worm” to a person who wants nothing more than to snuggle down under the thick blankets and go right back to sleep? It’s not motivating in the least, most people upon hearing this phrase probably get sick and end up just getting up because they would rather not be force-fed anything ultimately life-threatening or vile. No, it’s not your “crazy charisma” or your “intellectual swagger” its only the fact that said person, doesn’t want to that mental image and is probably going to go shower it off.

Instead of that, why don’t we say; “The early humans drinks all the coffee and eats all the donuts?” or “get up you lazy bag of bones! There’s donuts.” that’s a good motivator, unless of course you are on a  diet, a prep or bulimic.

The fun thing for me about getting up is going to work, that sounds crazy right? I mean, who is actually “excited” to go to work? I am. Why? Because when I go to work I feel like I’m not wallowing away in self-pity and loathing. Though I’ve gotten better at that, my streak remains dark and gloomy. I have yet to yank myself out of that dark pit of disasters waiting to happen. But I’m getting there, its only the 10th of January, take it easy. I’m sure some people would smack me for that.

And they would be right, this isn’t the time to take it slow, if you do the whole year will be nothing but dreaming away the things you’ve been dying to do.  That’s why I’m getting myself into the right shape (physically and mentally.) I think its something we all need to do, unless you are one of those up-tight-I’m-cooler-than-thou-and-therefore-don’t-screw-up types.

If you are, good luck pulling the broom out of your butt, and if you aren’t well…we can shape that into a perfect cookie, can’t we?

Confused? So am I, I’m half asleep after all.


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