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Giving credit

on January 12, 2011

As children, weren’t we taught to give credit where credit is due? I remember those lessons well, mostly because my mom droned on about it and forced it into my brain. Well, its true. We should give credit where credit is due.

Like this “green gas blob” they found in space. Isn’t it amazing? Wonderful? Startling even? Yes, it’s all those things and truly, truly incredible! Look at what God can do, we didn’t even notice this thing until an Elementary school teacher spotted it. There are apparently more and they create stars! God has a system for everything, and I am just wowed by it all. He is simply to amazing to comprehend. The funny thing is, I wonder what the scientists will call it. Or what they will explain it as. A mystery? Evolution?

God gets the credit on this one boyos. There is no reasoning or explaining away this thing. It’s simply to fantastical for humans to comprehend. Which is probably why they will make up some stupid thing about it. If they don’t, I’ll be shocked.

Wonderful things have been happening today, while I was sitting at a red light, feeling a bit grouchy waiting to get to work, the sun pierced through these thick clouds and many levels of the clouds turned different colors, from white to blue to pink and purple. I was startled and it made me smile, God was showing me something beautiful and I wondered if anyone else saw that glorious plump of clouds with the sun peeking over the top and its fingers stroking the ground below. It made me happy, it was like a little piece of heaven a gift, God was giving me something to make me happy. Not that He ever has to, but He did and I’m so very thankful for it. I took a picture with my phone, but the sun decided to take up all the space and so, the clouds aren’t very visible. Ah well, I remember it, that’s all the matters.

Sorry I don’t have any pictures to go along with this, maybe someday when I have a camera I’ll be able to snap shots all over the place and share them with my readers. (If I have any.)

Just remember, give credit to God for the beauty we see around us, and if you can’t even see the beauty,  I think you should open your eyes wider and stare really hard. It’s everywhere, even in the snowy, ice-encrusted ground.


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