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Hippie “Diaper” Monkey

on January 24, 2011

Ok… that title is bizarre, I know. But let me explain…

My sister and I have a not-to-long-standing-tradition to watch movies Friday and Saturday. All day/all night. We laze around like two bumps on a log and barely get anything done. Well, the list this weekend was a long one. We watched a few we had seen recently and some older ones. First up was; 1776, awesome musical movie made back in 1986! I love it so much. John Adam is…well, I’m like John Adam, a bit I realized. He is obnoxious and disliked. Hrm, what does that say about me? The rest were; The Princess and the Frog, Toy Story, Toy Story 2, City of Ember, Beyond Sherwood Forest (A made for TV movie, definitely made with cheese and TONS of wax and stolen lines.), The Last Samurai and… I think one more. But I forgot.

Anyway, after much sitting/lazing and being bored. On Sunday, I was ready to go do something. After all I had some spending money! Why not go blow it? After we got clean of the weekend grease that oiled our hair, we changed and went out looking our best. We hit Michaels first, I was determined to find some stationery because I was getting low and getting annoyed that I had to use my favorite stuff to send off things of not any real importance. So, I found 20 cent cards and envelopes! It was amazing, and I picked up some little ornamental bud-vases! They are so cute (I’m going back to get more today, maybe) we walked around that store for a while and found some more cute things. I bought some new inking pens because they are a smaller size and that’s what I need. When I checked out, I realized all the 20 cent stuff was ACTUALLY 10 cents!!! I was so psyched! I was angry I didn’t go back and get more. C’mon! That’s cheep! You can get so many for just 1 dollar. Needless to say, I want to go back and get more because I put some away trying to “be good with money.”

Anyway, as I was walking I saw these $5 color in animals! I remember them from when I was a child, only I recall them being material. I picked up the monkey one and I thought; “This feels REEEAAALLY familiar” but, I didn’t figure it out right away. I bought it. Then we hit up Wal-Mart and got some stuff after perusing Target and finding nothing, we popped into Pier 1 imports and bought $2.43 worth of stuff. YES! I dare anyone to beat that. We got two on sale paper lanterns and I got a little packet of on-sale markers that are leprechaun sized.

We went home, ate Moe’s and while watching Psych and Toy Story 2 (not at the same time) I colored the Monkey, by this time I was on a caffeine and sugar buzz and laughing like a donkey on crack. My sister pointed out that the monkey reminded her of a diaper. I was so startled I laughed. She explained that she remembered these old “color on diapers” for the babies who wore them. And she said that’s what it made her think of. And because this monkey is definitely a hippie. I named it; “Hippie Diaper Monkey” Haha. After that, my sister and I got down with some music (thanks goes to Taio Cruz and his song Dynamite) trust me, no one wants to see us dance. But it was awesome and we laughed so hard and faked American Idol, singing at pitches so high, my cat came and yowled at us to shut-up. After that, I talked to my sister and things mellowed down.

I think what I’m trying to say is. When you see something unique, grab it. Do something crazy with it and don’t ever be afraid to express yourself. Hippie “Diaper” Monkey now sits on my work desk. I wonder when anyone will notice it…?


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