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on January 28, 2011

A few months back, I offered my service to a person who is younger than me. But at the time I didn’t know it. However, I was excited for it and did what I was asked without much question, feeling adequate, because he said he liked my art. Well, when I finished, I was proud of my work because never had I done something so…well, before.

I showed him my work with much enthusiasm, and he comes to tell me that they are “too skinny” I nearly lost my bottom jaw, he also never bothered to say; “thank you” for what I did, and he just took the entire fact that I offered my service for granted. I was appalled and very upset, because I had worked for hours on the concept design, wanting to get it right. And not a single compliment about it.

And he goes to ask me for one more sketch. And that’s it.

He never gave me any instruction on what he wanted fixed. Beside the obvious; “Skinny” part, I mean, how fat does he want these girls anyway. So, I tried to figure out what he meant for weeks, and finally sent him a message.

Well, for heaven’s sake, you cannot expect the artist to know everything you want them to do, and if you say; “Do what you want.” then the artist can expect to have full-reign over the artwork and do just that! Whatever they want.

Really now, don’t come crying when something isn’t done right. Let the artist do what they do. And if their art style isn’t what you wanted, than why did you accept it in the first place?

People have no sense of courtesy anymore, what ever happened to explaining things? And complimenting even when it wasn’t exactly what you wanted? And telling people as nicely as possible, it isn’t. Good gosh! What has happened to us? How far have we fallen? And how much farther will we fall?

Oh much farther if these…these, discourteous people continue though way-ward ways.


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