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Fantastic Fantasies

on February 7, 2011

You remember all those days as a child that you spent reading about Princesses and princes, how the prince saved the fair maiden, slayed evil and swept her off into the sunset? Most of us do, they are a huge part of our lives, they are classic and never-ending, they will probably be read to the next generation (as long as we read them to our kids).  As we grow older, we begin to like different things, maybe we head for a more punk/rock part of the world, a part that has your parents and family questioning whether you’ve been switched out for a teenager that isn’t theirs. Or maybe, you went the ballerina way, a dancer at heart and a romantic with a great love for fairy-tales. Here’s the thing, even punk rockers day-dream. Whether they admit it or not, I bet they’ve caught themselves day-dreaming about prince charming. Or finding the perfect princess to fit their life.

The point is, no matter what road we take in life, secretly we dream of a fairytale.

Which is why, when I read articles that are about “darker” fairy tales, where people want to re-write the classics and make them…less innocent. It makes me a little annoyed. that was one of the great things about them, they are innocent. If you take that away, it’s no longer a fairytale. But a disaster waiting to happen.

Don’t get me wrong, I like new twists on things as long as it doesn’t take away from the key values of the original story. If you keep the real meaning there in the story, you can write or direct whatever you want. Just don’t make it so that the princess is some slut or something else. I don’t know if that will be the case for some of these new fairy tales, but I can see it going that way.

They have consider Kristen Stewart for Snow White. Now, she doesn’t look anything like Snow White if you ask me. She is most definitely not the fairest one of all. Her face isn’t even like Snow White’s and she certainly isn’t as innocent (don’t deny this, we all know its true) But we’ll see. Whatever they do, I probably won’t like it either way.


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