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Coloring with Paintastics

on February 21, 2011

For those of you who know what a ‘paintastic’ is, good for you, and if you don’t, they are basically non-toxic paint brushes with colors in their ends to use on paper. They are for children, but I love them nonetheless.  Well, this weekend, I became overwhelmed with the need to paint on something and instead of paper, I started to doodle on my leg, it was right there conveniently at the other end of my body and propped up on the wooden coffee table (which is so ancient, the door handles fell off to the little cubbard underneath it.) anyway, I received a phone-call from a friend, and while chatting to her, I was painting swirls and whirls on my leg, then I went on to my other leg, making leaves and vines, all in different shades and colors, until my legs and feet were graffiti’d with colors and I looked like a tribal dancer from a very strange camp somewhere in the Amazon.

My sister critiqued me with a scowl, commenting that if I were going to doodle on my leg, I should make it more “artistic” and less abstract. Well, I live my life in the abstract zone and would much rather live there. Its fun to be artistically abstract.

After I hung up with my friend, I decided (OOOH! I want to paint my face) I rushed into the bathroom to do just that, I stood there doodling on my face, and when I realized I hated the way it had come out, I washed it off. One problem…the red I used WASN’T coming off without a fight. This horrified me, because I was going to a 6-year-old’s birthday party the next day and if I showed up with abnormally red-markings on my face, people would notice.

I grabbed one of the bathroom towels (now covered in blue, red and orange) and scrubbed my face vigorously!! It made me feel as if my skin were on fire! I finally managed to get most of the red off and I felt a little better knowing I would shower later on and scrub the rest off. Well, once I realized my legs were probably going to last a while I let it go, its much easier to cover legs than a face.

Near bed-time, my legs…tingled, it was acutely uncomfortable and I finally realized, it might be an effect from the Paintastics. So, I rushed off and showered right then and there (good thing I had done my laundry) and I must’ve been in there for a half-hour scrubbing my legs down. But the color stayed fairly bright (arg, curse red and green) of course, I gave in and decided that it wasn’t too big of a deal. No one would see my legs. Which is a good thing. I spent two hours in Chuck E Cheese with the Birthday girl (who I didn’t realize liked me so much, I’m her babysitter) and she dragged me from game-to-game, which was fun, but my sister and I wanted to go to Borders (see… we don’t have a bookstore near where we live, only a used one) and so after two hours, I said my goodbyes and left with my sister, breathing in the nice crispy cool air! (It was a weird experience being in Chuck E Cheese again, it’s completely different)

Anyway, I went to Borders, and snooped around the Manga section, found my way to classic stories and ran to the Literature section and found… Bram Stoker’s Dracula! I was thrilled, and found a hardback (my favorite) for $8. Of course, snooped around some-more and found a teapot/cup set for $20, when I took that to the register though, she told me it was on sale for $9.89!!! I felt so blessed in that one moment that I nearly bounced around. Haha. I don’t buy nice things (like porcelain) all the time, so when I do, its nice to be blessed.

I am under no illusions about this, God blessed me that day, and everyday I live. The fact that I breathe is a blessing, the fact that God has given me patience with children is a blessing (my road rage needs patience to) so when you start thinking; “Arg, life truly sucks right now.” don’t forget, you have a roof, family, friends, material items and so much more! God loves you and if He takes care of the birds and animals of the world, why not us? Stop worrying and give it to God.


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