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Work and Art

on February 28, 2011

As it turns out, I was freaking out over the weekend about a work project that I hadn’t finished and needed to finish before I left for vacation. All weekend I stressed myself out over the things I had to do, and in doing that I did nothing around the house. No surprise. But, when I came in to work today I convinced myself that no matter what I had to do, nothing was so bad as on The Closer, a TV show that I’ve been catching up on, where Brenda Johnson of the LAPD has to tell people their children/loved one or in some cases not-loved-one dies, and she has to handle killers and psychopaths.

Now, I told myself, there is no reason to freak out over calling a few people and filling in the blanks. Is there? Nope, turns out, it has been done relatively stress free and life is moving smoothly. I trusted my worries to God as best as I could (and I definitely feel better), I’m happy and hyper despite an unexpected and welcomed surprise.

Moving along, I also did finish some artwork that I had been meaning to finish, though I never got around to finishing my comic for a contest I was entering. Though, that’s not surprising since I never went near the computer the entire weekend, and I slacked off, lazing on the couch and feeling fairly disgusted with myself.

But, I’ve been feeling better and though I am a little tired thanks to the *ahem* sudden unexpected surprise. I should be fine after a week or two. But the main lesson here, is slack off and you become a sluggard. Work hard and you will go places.


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