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What never to do when;

on March 9, 2011

I’ve decided to create a list of things, that people should not do when meeting someone for the first time. This is spawning from my experience at acting stupid and never being able to recover from it, for the most part.

One: When meeting someone new, introduced to you by a friend. Smile, shake their hand and say you are happy to meet them, DO NOT make a joke that the person will not get, and isn’t funny at all, especially if you are the only one who laughs every time you crack that joke.

Two: If someone’s friend happens to acknowledge your presence, and they call you out in a fashion. Do not say something stupid that makes them wish they had never spoken to you. Such as; “Oh yeah, you’re that freaky guy they always talk about” (I’ve never actually said this.) You could have just lost a valuable friendship.

Three: If someone greets you in a store, someone you don’t know. Don’t give them a weird face and make rude/cutting remarks because you just want to be left alone. Making friends with workers in a store is a good way to get help and advice. Once you kill it, its dead. End of story.

Four: Should someone really, really, really mean address you. The best thing not to do, is to address them just as meanly/sarcastically back. Instead, give them a smile and act pleasant. Then you are the smart one, and they look like a hot-air-balloon.

Five: Should a co-worker often look at you funny because you are quiet, don’t suddenly make a joke at them. They’ll find you odd. Instead, just greet them every morning until they get used to your friendliness and then you can slowly start joking and talking.

Six: If you are in a check-out line and you are talking to the cashier, and you say something stupid, don’t try to recover it. This happened to me, and I stumbled through what was supposed to be an apology but ended up making the matter worse. That girl won’t look at me anymore. I avoid her lines at the store now.

That’s all I have right now, so if you do any of these, or any I haven’t mentioned. Please remember, when meeting someone, it is most vital that you never, ever, ever give them a bad-impression. Give them a good one and then let them see how you really are in a good light.



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