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God’s Grace

on March 25, 2011

For a while, I’ve been seeing my friends talk and talk about how they loathe themselves and asking why God loves them. Its interesting to watch actually, because I see a lot of what I was in them. An angry, selfish child who wanted her own way and wondered why God could love such a sinner? Well, it wasn’t until last year that I sort’ve got a firm grasp on why God loves us and that all humans are sinners.

People talk about “laws” and “breaking them” but heres the thing, not a single human being has ever completely followed the rules every single day. That would be impossible, especially for humans. We are imperfect. That doesn’t mean; “Oh I’m not perfect, guess I don’t have to try.”

God wants us to try. We are supposed to be doing what Jesus would do. And yet, so many Christians run around acting like that’s not the case. Would Jesus want you to hate gays? No. Would Jesus like you to curse and swear? No. Do you think Jesus would smoke? Of course not. So, think about it like this; you come home, tired, exhausted from work. The house is a mess, nothing has been done and yet that person (whomever) has done squat. Of course, your first reaction will probably be anger, but try to be as kind as possible. I think, Jesus would want me to be gentle and kind.

Meep, gotta leave work. Just know, God loves you.


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