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April Fools’

on April 1, 2011

I wonder how this holiday got started? Perhaps it got started when people came to their senses about some sort of fantasy and realized; “that was a lie!” and people who still believed it they called; “fools” so, the running joke is, if you trick someone you can say; “April Fool’s!” Which sounds like a group of people rather than just tricking one person.

And I just looked up some results for it, and none of them make sense. So instead, I’m going to create my own joke/history!

A leprechaun, a priest and a Jedi were all strolling down the street. How did they come to be walking together? Such three unlikely people? Well, it all began when the Leprechaun felt a bit lonely, he hadn’t had anyone to trick or be around since some people stopped trying to find the end of his Rainbow.

“O’I’m tire’d o’ waiting fo’r company!” He complained and with that thought in mind! He dashed off to meet a few fellows to fool. On his walking, he came upon a large field full of flowers and grass so thick and green that a horse could live there for nearly a year without starving. In the middle of the emerald-green, stood a man in  brown-cloth.  He was walking in circles and retracing the circles and muttering to himself. The Leprechaun thought this a strange sight and grinned in delighted glee.

“How’ Ho there!” He called brightly to the man who suddenly jolted to a stop. His eyes wide he watched the short man approach.

“My eyes are deceiving me.” He said astonished. The Leprechaun chuckled, “no-no, I’m for real! Pinch me arm if you ain’t sure.”

The man hesitated and then pinched the little green man whose cheeks turned pink at the pinching. “No’ so ‘ard man!” he said gruffly, rubbing his green-sleeved arm. The man nodded, “no imagination then! You are real.”

“Aye, and uh…what be you doin’ wanderin’ round in this lovely field?” The Leprechaun asked slyly.

“I’m looking for…something, spirits to be exact! I believe they are here.”

“spirits you say? Well! I can help you with that! Come with me.” The wee man said, “I’ll give you something that’s worth its weight in gold and, that has spirits.” he winked, “what be your profession?”

“Oh, I am a priest.”

“A priest? Right scary.” The leprechaun enjoyed his walk and talk with the strange priest, who seemed to believe that the things he’d seen, were in fact spirits. the Leprechaun, muffled a chuckle and only agreed. Once over a large hill that had blocked their view, they saw a dirt road, and on that dirt road, stood a man, dressed in brown-clothes.

The Leprechaun raised a brow, “look at that, another priest now.” He said. The two walked down to the edge of the road and stared at the strange-looking man. Who stared back, with a guarded expression.

“Oh’ Aye, he is a priest!” The Leprechaun said.

“I’m not a priest.” The man proclaimed.

“Then what are you sir?” The priest asked, curious.

“I am a Jedi.” He exclaimed, shocked that they didn’t know his name.

The Leprechaun stared at the man, he looked completely bland, he scrunched up his eyes and said with a leer, “how can we know that what you say is real?”

The Jedi reached out his hand, and the Priest began to hover in the air. “AAAHH!” The priest shouted, fearing for his life. The Leprechaun grinned, “I don’t know what you be, but I’d be happy if you joined me.”

The Jedi lowered the Priest, and nodded, he walked with the two-some and they all began to talk, now a trio. The Leprechaun told tales of the “magical” water that could show them things. This made the Jedi and the Priest particularly interested. They reached a building, smaller than most, but large enough for humans. The Leprechaun walked into the bar, and the Priest and the Jedi followed. Sitting at a stool, the Leprechaun ordered the strongest drinks he could, and with a sly grin, he gave them the gin. They both drank deep, and coughed a lot. But they didn’t stop, the drinks kept coming and soon they were woozy. The Leprechaun grinned, jumped from the stool and said; “Buncha fools in April.” He looked at the bartender, who was in fact, a fairy.

“Take these April fools’ to your den, they’ll make excellent editions.”

The Fairy nodded and the Leprechaun disappeared. And ever since that day, that is what every man fears.


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