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Entering Spring

on April 4, 2011

“Sorrow is better than laughter,
For by a sad countenance the heart is made better.” – Ecclesiastes 7: 3. (This verse has relevance, just read on)

This weekend, was strange. It started out on Friday when I got home and told my sister that the woman, Vicki, would be interviewing her on Saturday. This made her excited, which is good because she needs a job, no matter what the hours are, though I don’t know how she will get to it. God will have to show me what to do, because I am at a complete loss. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Friday was one of the most boring days I’ve had in a while, my sister and I have recently begun to re-watch It started with a Kiss a.ka. Itsura No Kiss (The Live Action Drama) for the second time this year. After I did my exercises (Yaaay!) When Saturday rolled around, we went off to visit Vicki at her little shop on Solomons. It’s a nice, but small, little shop where she serves snacks, we has a pseudo interview and Vicki said; “Might” unfortunately, my sister was still excited and told everyone she would get it. I’m still nervous about it and I have to give it to God, otherwise I’m going to freak out (not in a good way.)

We went shopping afterward, yatta, yatta… when we got home, that’s when my real weekend trouble began. Well it was exciting, because my Tablet was there! 3 days early I might add. So it was completely un-expected. I also bought a Nib pen and ink that day, and I started to ink like a real Manga-ka! I’m still working on it, a lot of my pages I inked have blots, ahah. I’ve dubbed them blots of doom.

Well, sometime in the evening, my cat, George. Urinated on our gas stove, it’s what we have for heat. There is a pilot light and everything. This isn’t the first time he has done that, furiously I slammed him in his cage telling him, I was finally going to go through with my promise on giving him away. I did talk seriously with my mom about it. But a few minutes after I hung up the phone, I felt so guilty. My heart wrenched and I began to cry/sob. My sister couldn’t console me, though she did a good job trying, and I slept on those thoughts. The next morning, Sunday, I resolved that I just couldn’t give George back to the Shelter. I would hate myself so much if I did, plus he is my baby! I couldn’t. So I decided to just work harder to make him happy.

I’ve been lazy about my care for him, and that’s all my fault. My mom told me she was proud of me and looking back, I think my time of the month is coming up. Good gosh, so emotional.

I went ot Vicki’s again and we bought some ice-cream. On the way home, I realized how much it felt like Spring. I felt so renewed after crying and letting all my frustrated emotions roll off of me. It was like having God hold me close and tell me, “You will be fine.” I realized, inwardly, I have bloomed for Spring, my heart is refreshed and I’m ready to jump back into the world with all my heart.

Its interesting, Spring is a special occasion for me. For just as the season begins to shift, so does my soul. Through Winter, it becomes a dry, and even though I’m living in Christ, I feel stretched to the brink, my soul asleep waiting for Spring. When Spring comes, I wake up with a yawn and a smile ready to rejoin the world, just like the plants and trees and animals. And nearly, the same time last year, I let God into my heart, fully. Spring is a beautiful time of year and I’m grateful to God for it.

Last night, I read Ecclesiastes 7, and that verse (see above) struck so close to home. I’m always surprised by how God works. And you know what? I always want to be, God knows how much I like the unexpected, so I pray He will continue to work in my life and continue to surprise me with the unexpected.

“Consider the work of God;
For who can make straight what He has made crooked?” – Ecclesiastes 7: 13.


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