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When you think you’ve got it bad…

on April 11, 2011

Think again.

Everyone’s misery is different, but on a scale of pain what do you think rates higher? I understand when people’s family lives are torn apart, that is important. Everyone’s pain is important. Basically, you cannot put pain on a scale and decide which is worse. Because the direct pain in our lives is just as painful as any other.  And no, it isn’t selfish to feel your pain.

Over in Japan, people are suffering. This is the point of my blog, I just wanted to clear that up first. When I think about how “bad” my life is, it’s not that bad in comparison. Then I think, does it really have to take a natural disaster to bring people closer? The answer is; no. Japan has always been a very united place and despite all of this that’s been going on, everyone has been giving, caring and wonderful to each other. This is such a devastating event.

That’s what I was thinking earlier, why am I complaining? What do I have to complain about? God has blessed me with a house, skills of writing and drawing, food, money, a job! that’s a LOT in comparison to what some people have. Mainly, what the Japanese people have. To anyone who knows me they know my heart rests in Japan, and to those who don’t and hear me say; “My poor Japan,” or “I wish I could be there!” That must sound shallow. But I mean it with all my heart.

I can’t watch videos of the incident, I cry my face off.

Anyway, the point is, the second I start to think; “Ugh this is a mess.” I think of Japan, and yes, my pain is important, but I want to push aside my daily “meeeh! I hate this.” pain and think about Japan, those people, their homes. I love that place and it’s people. I wish I could do more.

When sitting at home next time, when you look around, really drink in your surroundings. Because God has surely blessed you, everything you have, is a blessing. So the next time you start to think; “I wish I had this…” or “I wish I had that” or “This really sucks” just think about everything God has given you, and things will gradually come into focus.

BTW: Did you all read your Bibles over the weekend?

I’m proud to say, that I did. And if you missed just one day, that’s O.K. The point of this exercise was to help you break that weekend habit. Not to make you feel guilty.


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