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Food and I broke up

on April 15, 2011

Well, this week was a weird one. It ended Wednesday and started up again Thursday. So needless to say, I feel like next week has already started.

Lately, I’ve been reading blogs about God, and people who encourage others on that subject, while pointing out issues some people may or may not have, but most likely than not, we all have the issues, even when we try to deny it. Once we’ve accepted that we have a problem, we can begin to fix it.

Like on in-Courage, I read about this woman who is talking about choosing between food and God for comfort. Now more often than  not we go for food, which is what adds on to our pounds. She has released a book about this issue, and guess what? I bought it. I just am sick and tired of not being guided by something and giving in to my want of food. Its irritating and frankly, I’m done.

I already knew my issue, and I was trying to fix it, but we all need assistance and of course, the Bible helps tons, but if we don’t read it the way its supposed to be read and think; “Hm that’s interesting,” instead of “oh my gosh, that’s totally my issue.” Then we are at a loss. That’s why God made awesome people wo can influence us and through Him, make us better people. Isn’t God awesome? He can do so many amazing things.

I was thinking a little while ago, that what if God molded someone in the past, to be our inspirations in the future? What if He made that person JUST for us? To give us ideas, creative, new ideas. That not only inspired generations but that one specific person God knew would need that kick. Can you even fathom that? I know I barely can.

It was just a thought, God has truly inspired me, and these bloggers who have such incredibly insightful words and grains of wisdom, have made me excited for my future and the works I’m going to do through God. Because I want to INSPIRE people. I don’t want them to just read my books and go; “Oh, that was a good read.” I want to make them think, make them realize, maybe even help them overcome problems. If they can see something in one of my characters that they can pinpoint as a problem in their life. That is also an inspiration to hopefully guide them to God. That’s what I want to do.

And I never back down from a Challenge, and whats best? God knows that better than I do.


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