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Off with the old, in with the new.

on April 18, 2011

So, my mom came down this weekend, from not so merry West Virginia, where I’m not sure why she lives. Aha. Anyway, as soon as she came she said she wanted to buy us a vacuum, which was in all words, sweet. Because we didn’t have a good one, save for the crappy old machine our grandparents left behind that has passed the “good-working” phase and entered the “dead-smelly” phase. Needless to say, my sister and I were sick of that thing.

My mother, did end up buying us a vacuum, we will pay her back slowly, which is fine with me, the very fact that she bought one for us was a nice thing and so, I have no issues with paying her back.

Now, something you should know about my mother is, she likes fanny-packs, they are the most ridiculous thing ever, and they need to die. All of them. In my book, they are never O.K. My sister and I were just discussing how much we hated my mother’s fanny-pack, first off its falling to pieces, she carries it instead of wearing it, and on top of that it just looks horrible.

My sister and I made a decision, we were going to purchase our mom a new purse! We had had it. We took her to Target, but she found nothing she liked. I remembered, I had received a $10 off card for Kohl’s and excitedly I told her that they had millions of purses and she would die. We drove down to Kohl’s and what do you know? More blessings, they were having a SALE! Eagerly, we searched the racks and racks of purses, looking for one my mom would like. Admittedly, I’ve had a crush on my sister’s purse (my middle sister) and I loved it when I saw it out in Missouri. It was also on-sale and selfishly, I really wanted it. I couldn’t afford to get my mom’s purse and my purse, though I calculated I could spend some other money from my check. I realized then, (after pouting a bit) that it didn’t matter, I had a nice bag that held everything and I didn’t need something shiny and new to be happy. God had already blessed me with so much, why was I asking for more? I put it back and shoved those selfish thoughts away. I didn’t need a new purse, and I still don’t.

She told us that was her first time purse shopping, which made me sad, and happy. Happy because I got to share a “first” with mom — which isn’t easy — and sad, because it meant she had never done that for herself. That’s pretty awful.

Finally, we selected two, they were the same brand, save for one was on sale, while the other wasn’t. My mom happily chose a light, rosy pink one, she wanted one that had pockets on the front and this one had two small cute pockets. I wish I had a picture to show. Anyway, it had a nice strap and she could put it over her shoulder. Though she insisted she could put it around her waist, I strictly said; “No!” We also replaced her wallet (thanks to my sister spotting a pretty black wallet with a vine-design on it) which hasn’t been replaced in decades. (Also, she said; “Maybe this will be pay for the vacuum,” and I ignored her suggestion. It was a gift, not a payback.)

It brought extreme joy to my heart to do that for her, and to see how incredibly happy she was to receive it. I rarely get to do anything really helpful for my mom. So thank God, I could give her something that was useful. While she was changing all the old stuff to her new purse, a thought occurred to me.

It’s like when you become born again. You shed off the old, raggy layer that has been hanging and falling off of you and dragging you down. And put on a new skin that feels, lighter, brighter and healthier. When I saw my mom’s new purse, I just smiled and felt that it was just like that. When we accept Jesus into our hearts, we become new beings, willing to live through him because we love Him. Everything we do, we focus toward God. Because we want to honor Him.

So ladies and gent’s, don’t forget, you are not your old self anymore. You have been made new. Don’t treat your new-self with harsh words, hard feelings, selfish-desires and material things, treat your new-self to Jesus Christ and all the love that comes with it. Because God’s love is a gift, remember to treat it right.


One response to “Off with the old, in with the new.

  1. Crystal says:

    *huggles* I love you~

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