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Made to Crave

on April 20, 2011

After reading the (in)courage blogs, I was inspired by God to buy “Made to Crave.” As I was on Amazon.com buying it, I noticed the recommendations for other Christian books, one being; “Fit for my King.” interested, I clicked on the book link, it’s a 30-day devotional/diet plan. But its not really a diet, it’s more like a life-style-jumpstart-change. So, I bought it too.

Eagerly, I awaited their arrival and I received them Monday and Tuesday. And just yesterday, I pledged myself to the 30-day Princess Commitment to serve God and to focus everything I do in life on Him.

I’ve been struggling for a long time on how to grow closer to God. And I just know that God guided me to those books. After reading the first parts of; Fit for my King. I pledged myself and cried and laughed. It was amazing to feel like “I can do this! I can!” because all things are possible through God.

I already knew that, but, I am the kind of person who needs a helping hand from the people around me if I’m going to make a serious change. I came out of my room, tears in my eyes, and told my sister, I needed an accountability partner.

She huffed; “Fine” and I told her “No, I don’t want you to just “do it” because I am doing it! You have to know the reasons.”

She resisted a little at first, until I shoved the book into her hands and told her, that if she was going to fully comprehend why I had this mental stability about the whole thing, she had to read it. And she did.

Of course, we are getting rid of our bleached white flour, white sugar, artificial sweeteners, and anything white; Rice, Potatoes. It’s all part of the pledge.  I know it sounds “odd” but in the long run, its really about healthy choices. And I know my cravings will kick in sooner or later. But, with God, and the books that He has blessed me with, I can fight off that evil gargoyle of cravings and focus those cravings on the REAL craving, the Spiritual craving. That’s what I crave, not food, I supplement it with food.

I encourage all of those who feel like they want to grow closer to God, but are struggling in the “how to” department, to pick up a copy of Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst.  That combined with the Devotional is a powerful idea, and the mind is like the food you eat – if your mind is fed properly, it craves only that which you feed it – Your tongue is the same. Change your foods, and soon, you will crave apples or whatever you change it to. Of course, you may never stop craving sweets, but as long as you moderate it. There aren’t many issues.

And as long as you aren’t substituting your Spiritual cravings for food.

For me, however, I have to be VERY strict with myself, I can’t even be near sweets, because one taste and bam its over. I’ll want more. So if I just stay away from it all together, and let my addiction run-dry while focusing on God. Then I’ll be all the better for it.

Just this morning, I went on my exercise promise, 20-30 minutes. I walked down to the bay at 6:40 a.m. this morning and my gosh, God blessed me with the most incredible sunrise. On the way back up that hill, my legs burned and my lungs felt as if they were on fire. Instead of focusing on my pain and wanting to slow down due to it, I focused on God. Thinking; ‘I don’t care, I’m doing all of this for God, I want to trust him and believe in Him and make sure every aspect of my life is focused toward Him.’ and what do you know? I never slowed down, I smiled and beared it.

I’ve never felt this alive.


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