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Real eye-opener

on April 25, 2011

This diet/devotional has been a real eye-opener and a struggle.

A struggle, because every time I see a cookie, or something I have to steel my mind against wanting it. Which, I found isn’t hard at all, apparently my will is stronger than I realized. Someone I know told me I was “strong” which is odd, because, I always acted strong, but never really believed my “act.”

Why is it an eye-opener?

After you’ve lived in gluttony like I have, you start to see the significance of eating well, and the changes that happen when you cut out all the things that affect you. And let me tell you, cutting out the things I have, I already feel better and its only the 7th day. Or 8th. Aha.

I know, I know, if you are like I was; “Oh, I ‘ll do it later” or “oh it’s so expensive”

I can tell you this now, sure, the fruit may be priced high, and you have to make all the food you eat instead of slap-and-go; I can tell you this right now, the cost will be more expensive when you hit the bell and suddenly, your body is slowing, you feel tired. Exhausted. And you get sick with diabetes and your doctor dubs you obese.

In the long run, eating better and paying more in money, will be less costly to you, than paying for cheap food that will rot your insides and make you fall apart by the time your 40. Honestly, there really isn’t an upside to all the junk we eat.

And that brings me to God, there is no upside to living in a worldly fashion.


There is an upside to living in a Godly fashion. We get love that never changes, a Father in Heaven that watches over us and picks us up when we fall. Who encourages us when we slump on the couch and “just don’t feel like doing it anymore”, He is there not matter what. That’s something we should remember as we go through our days.

Its something I have begun to finally get straight in my head.


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