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Loving isn’t easy.

on June 22, 2011

“Is it possible to love someone before you even know them?”

The answer?

Yes. Yes it is.

But this really depends on what kind of love we are talking about here. If you mean love as in, romantic love – I, myself, have never seen such a thing – but I don’t believe it’s impossible. If you mean, loving someone because of who they are or admiring them and wanting them to be happy? Then Yes, you most certainly can.

After all, God calls us to love everyone. So if you feel yourself getting attached to someone you’ve never met, or briefly met. Then that’s ok. I cheer on tons of people I don’t really know. It makes me smile to think that if only everyone would do that for the people they admire then things would be a lot nicer in this world.

Of course, not everyone has that sort of thinking. Which is why a lot of people don’t get along. It’s a sad fact that when two opinions clash, there is bound to be arguments. However, it is HUGELY possible for those two people to become friends – Me for example, I clash with one of my friends a lot, he’s a coward (as he’s dubbed himself) and I am brave (as he’s dubbed me) yet, we are friends even though our opinions/feelings are different – It’s not always fun to have people who agree, its like to roll your eyes at the people who say; “This is dumb!”

When it comes right down to it, I think loving someone is a state of mind you really have to take. Because humans are complicated creatures, and loving a certain one of us is hard, especially when they act like freaks/weirdos/psychopaths.  Haha. Reach deep down inside, and search for that feeling. I’ve been searching for it for my Uncle, but I can’t seem to find any emotions toward him. I don’t hate him, and I can’t seem to love him as a family member. All I really want to do is get him fixed so my cousin isn’t struggling. Because, I love my cousin. And my family he is torturing.

However, my uncle is not easily fixed because I think what he has is early on-set Dementia. I’ve done some reading up about it, and a lot of it sounds like Dementia. This saddens me, because it generally means its irreversible.

Finding love for him, is hard. I know I must love him as a human being if nothing else.

Now, romantic love. I am by no means an expert, I think no one really is except God. Haha. I don’t believe though, that seeing someone and liking them is love. However, these feelings may grow over-time. But stop and think for a moment, you may “like” this person, however, they may not even know who you are.  And that’s when it becomes difficult.

Enough about this, what I was getting as it; Loving someone, romantically or otherwise, without having really known/met them isn’t impossible. Because all things are possible through God.


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