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Remember me, Sweet Bravery.

on June 27, 2011

Chase your dreams, and remember me, sweet bravery; ‘Cause after all those wings will take you up so high; So bid the forest floor goodbye; As you race the wind and take to the sky; You take to the sky.” – Owl City.

Chasing dreams is hard.

But it can be fun when you have the right courage, and encouragement to push you toward the goal.  I think mankind should have a little more consideration for their fellow man’s dreams, the goals they want to accomplish. Instead of scoffing and doubting.

“It’ll never work.”

Those words, despite the hard tone, the rude way its said and the disgusting sneer that spreads on faces when they come out in the most spiteful, cruel manner, are motivational words to me. They make me want to step back and run to my inspirational corner to seek out the golden glories buried under a mountain of doubt and dust!

I encourage you now, to seek out that pile you’ve left in the corner and dig out the dreams you’ve hidden because of how “unrealistic” or “silly” they seem to other people.

Isn’t it hard enough, to live in a world where everything is set against you? God is the only redemption, this is the ultimate truth. However, God made us creatures of amazing talent. And we waste our potential by sitting at desks all day, wishing for a life of more adventure than the mundane everyday life that idly passes us by as we click from button to button hoping, wishing, waiting.

It’s not good enough.

It will never be good enough. Not for me. And it shouldn’t be for you either.

“There’s a dreamy world up there.”

You just have to seek it out!

We weren’t made to be deflated balloons to be stepped on by our fellow man. We were made to chase our dreams! When I feel my kite-string getting tugged, I run with it and make my dreams a reality.

Isn’t it time, that you did the same?

(P.s. I love Adam Young. He is inspiring and truly a magnificent dreamer.)


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