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on July 11, 2011

Sunday, I got my hair trimmed and my bangs cut. They weren’t done exactly the way I wanted them. But I’m convinced the only way they will ever be done that way will be when I get an Asian to do my hair. Ahaha.

Anyway, I’ve been really trying hard to focus on the blessings in my life, big and small. Like having a grandma willing to buy me expensive clothes for work. A nice pair of new pants and a shirt! I’m so stoked.

Do you find it hard to see the blessings that are in your life?

I’ve done a lot of soul-searching in the past few years, and found that I haven’t been nearly as grateful for things as I ought to be. Some of my family members are in a tough spot, and actually, the dad got them there through his own mistakes. But, I’m still grateful that I have a house, food, money, clothes! Friends. Gosh, without all that, who would I be now?

If you ever find yourself becoming ungrateful and wanting of something (I have two wants that I keep trying to get rid off; iPod Touch 4th Generation slim edition and spending a day with Taemin Lee from SHINee) remind yourself of all the good things going for you. Even in a bad situation, there are blessings.

I see a blessing just out my work window; the sun. Oh glorious day! How you greet me with warm smiles and a courteous wave! Please say you’ll stay with me until I can’t bear it anymore! I hope you and I will be friends forever more.


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