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Living in a box; Living in the fresh air.

on July 18, 2011

In the mornings, I like to get up at 5:40 a.m., the sun is barely peeking its bright eyes over the trees and is yawning its way into the sky. I get dressed and go for my jog. It’s a wonderful jog, especially when the weather is cool, I see many things on my jogs. Plants, animals, water. It’s all so stunning and beautiful! It really inspires me for the future.

Then, I reach the Bay, keeping in mind that I usually jog the whole way from my house down this huge hill to the Bay. It’s a bit long, and I get winded. But as long as I’m jogging, I’m fine. I breathe in the sweet salty air and stop just above the beach, a small child-sized drop and rocks are in front of me and I smile as the wind blows my hair.

You know what I think every time I see that deep, grey murky water? What secrets lay beneath that surface? Do Selkies swim just beyond my sight with grins? Or mermaids with their dazzling tails traveling from far oceans just to see something new? The ideas, and imagining are endless.

I’ve met a lot of skeptical, closed-minded, and pessimistic people. They may be nice people, but their opinions are boxed in and they can’t see beyond the first layer into the deeper and secretive places that are hidden within. I find myself irritated by close-minded people and really feel the need to tell them to open their box, and look beyond what they know into what they don’t.

The discussion of aliens comes to mind, keeping in mind that I am of a very open mind –so much so I get made fun of by my family for it– but I don’t believe in aliens, mostly because when I think too much on that subject, an icky, nasty, deterring feeling slams into my gut and that only happens to me when I’m being warned not to go any closer to that than I already have.  So, I don’t touch Aliens. I don’t believe in aliens. If you do, good for you.

However, to deny the possibility of fairy-tales, and dreams. Or telling someone something from their boxed in view, is simply too silly. I think, instead, those people should kick open their boxes and step out into the air that isn’t stale and hasn’t been recycled by them. To see the glories of un-stereotypical things.

And whenever I try to help them to understand, or see things differently. They hiss, sneer, and tell me I’m crazy, a dreamer, unrealistic, to keep back and stay away (not in those words or in that way typically) its sad to watch them shrink into their box and scowl. In the end, I just shrug, I want to breathe the beautiful clean, inspirational air! And if maybe someday they venture out, I’ll be there to smile and wave. We all need friends right?

But that’s what I am, a dreamer, a believer! I cast my doubts to the floor and do things in the spur of the moment, or I’m driven by a deeper need to do something because I feel its right. God has granted me a beautiful gift! I cannot spoil it by sitting in a box.

And as long as there is something to learn, I will! I may be stubborn at times, but I very much want to learn. As I am learning with God at this very moment!

So Shine On all you beautiful people! All you dreamers! Doesn’t matter what other people say, because someday, it’ll be your day, and they’ll wonder why they hid.


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