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Trusting God

on July 27, 2011

If there was a physical timeline that followed us around daily. Etching itself on the walls of our apartments, of our office or even our houses. We would have to look at it sometime, and be forced to relive that one stupid moment we tried so hard to forget.

The problem is, we do that already. It’s mentally that a lot of people keep a time-line of stupid things or mistakes we’ve made. We duck our heads, ashamed of the things we’ve done or just plain embarrassed by them. We wonder, how could a God, who created everything send His only Son to die on the cross?

The answer? Jesus Christ offered Himself up. He loves us so much, that He sacrificed His life to save ours’ eternally! He has washed our sins away and we are to look at them no more.

So why do we cling to the past horrors? When God has already forgotten and forgiven?

There are a few answers, the one I keep finding under that mossy old boulder is; Refusing to allow God to forgive us. It’s all about Trusting God. And when we don’t, we are basically saying; “You can’t handle my sins!”

How dare we even think it.

How dare we even believe it.

This is the moment where you need to see the small fears, the tiny worries and the huge burdens and cast them all at the feet of Jesus. He has already washed our sins away. You don’t need to cling to them anymore. Especially if you trust Him. Love Him. If He means EVERYTHING to you.

I feel stupid sometimes, when I get crushes. Especially since I’m already in love (Haha) with someone. I hate the emotions that roll over me in a cloud of dark doom! And then, when I finally settle the feeling it’s all better. But not before I ask God to show me if this is OK. Which, by the way, I’ve been doing for Taemin for… oh, months now. I suppose if God want’s to show me it’s wrong, He will. If not. I will keep on trucking down this road! Happily.

Despite the fact that this may not be the same thing, it is a crushing, despairing feeling that I despise. And I trust God to help me through the situation and He always does. That’s how amazing He is. That’s how truly, shockingly and unbelievably loving He is.

How can you doubt Him, when He stands before you, waiting for you to take His hand.


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