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Support is not the same as Love.

on August 1, 2011

You know what bugs me the most about gay marriage? Is when Christian’s support it. And defend it with quotes from the Bible. But let me tell you something. Specifically in the bible, it is stated that same-sex marriage is an abomination to God. Because in the beginning God made Adam (male) and Eve (female) not; Adam and Jack, Eve and Selena.

God made us to be a beautiful couple; man and woman. Female and male. Not any other way. I’m sorry, but if you want to drop your standards just to support their rights. Then I’m afraid to say you are somewhat confused on what the Bible says.

People judge all the time. People may very well judge me for this post, and you know what? I don’t mind. Because I’m going to make myself VERY clear. So before you run off and rant about this post or Christian’s who aren’t accepting. Let me make myself understandable.

I do not HATE these people. God says not to judge, but to love. And love you can, but you do NOT have to love what they do.

There is a difference between loving a human, and supporting their actions. Let me put this to you, if your friend was choosing to cut her wrists. Would you support that?

Of course not! It’s damaging to the mind, body and soul. You would try everything you could to stop them. Not say; “Oh sure! It’s your right to cut your wrist.”

It’s the same with same-sex marriage. It’s damaging. Regardless of what people say or think. It wasn’t meant to be that way and it destroys people, I’m sure a lot of Gay people are happy with their lifestyles, but deep down inside if they looked for it, they would feel that tug. A tug of God. Every human, subconsciously knows God exists. It’s whether they turn a blind eye to Him or not that matters.

Plus, a lot of gay people are tormented by their decision to be that way. I met a girl once, when I was 15. At a slumber party. We ended up being alone and I already knew she was Bi. But in that moment when we were alone, she looked so sad.

I’ve seen that sorrow reflected in many people’s eyes. And it breaks me apart when I just sat there stupidly, blinking not sure what to say when she said; “It’s not all that great, you know. Being Bi. I just did it because all my friends were doing it, and they wanted me to do it. It was to fit in.”

I couldn’t say anything when she told me these things. What could I say? She had seemed confident in her ways. But I should have recognized that behavior, it was exactly the way I acted. Confident, defiant, secure. Inside; hurting, in pain, tormented.  It’s an awful combination.

If you want to live like that, be my guest. I cannot support your way of life. But I will love you because you are a human being, I am called to love you and I want to love you. And it breaks my heart not to love you. So I must. Regardless of the pain your decisions will bring. In this life and in the next.


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