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God is the Key.

on August 3, 2011

“A year after a 10-year-old boy tossed a note into the ocean, a 9-year-old girl in Hawaii finds it.”

I read that on the news last night, and immediately my heart went all girly on me and I inwardly ‘awwed’ at the situation. Those two are going to become online pen pals. How sweet is that? And a romance in the making.

Life doesn’t have to be boring, and romance most certainly isn’t. But the thing about a good relationship is that God needs to be involved, the second you take God from the equation, things go bad. People break away from each other and marriages collapse.

Also, it helps to be honest with your future wife/husband. Don’t hide all the stuff you are afraid to tell them until after the wedding, because then you’ll have to deal with a lot of stress and possibly, a divorce.

God is key for everything in my life. The second I see things going south, I look around me and say; “no wonder, God wasn’t present.” I find myself easily excluding God in my life. And there is nothing that hurts me more to know that I willingly kept God out. How awful.

Jesus Christ is our Prince. I often push Him out too, but I find myself running back into His arms, not just when I’m upset. I do it when I’m happy as well. I love being with Jesus. I smile every time I talk to Him and discuss the day with Him. He is my Prince, and the ultimate romance. He has my heart forever. Someday, maybe, if He blesses me. I’ll have a husband. But I will never forget God, I will always cling to My Father, and the Prince who rescued me from the disaster of my own making.

Have you spent time with God today? Have you thanked Jesus for dying on the cross for your sins? When was the last time you sat down and talked to God?

I try to do it every morning. It helps me get through my day a lot easier. And at work, I talk to God. Especially when I start to get tired or frustrated, I feel an overwhelming sense of peace cuddle around me like the softest fleece blanket and then all my worries just melt away.

The next time you think you can do it on your own, throw down your pride (because pride was not given from God) and throw yourself at His feet. He will always be there, even when the world has abandoned you.


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