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Patience, challenges and trust.

on August 12, 2011

” 7 Be patient, then, brothers and sisters, until the Lord’s coming.” – James 5: 7.

Patience is something I’ve always been very short on, and it’s usually when I just start to think; “Hey! I am getting pretty patient, this is good. God really is helping me to get better.” Then something happens, and it all blows up in my face. My patience is gone, my anger emerges and I am like a fire-ball ready to burn anyone standing in my way.

I’d like to think, that I am no longer a “fireball” maybe just a campfire? Not so large and consuming.  We are supposed to be patient and wait for God, I know not all of us -myself included- have that sort of patience.

I lost my patience quite a few times when I was with my older middle sister. She started to backseat drive the whole time she was in the car with me. Everywhere we went; “Oh no, don’t do that!” or “You are too close!” or “Slow down!” It was severely irritating and grated on my nerves. Even when I was driving fine, she’d point out turns and things I already saw and I had to force patience for some of them. And practically the whole time she was leaning around my car seat to see the road in front of me (I saw her in the rear view mirror) that actually makes me laugh a little. Now.

She said it was because she was an older sister.

When I went to Missouri to see her, I sat quietly while she drove and once or twice backseat drove. However, once I heard the irritation in her tone, I shut up. Because it’s rude to continue to do that sort of thing when you can hear the person getting angry. I think it’s more about trusting the driver than being older. Even my grandmother doesn’t backseat drive me. But isn’t that he way it is with God? So many times we refuse to put our trust in Him (even when we don’t realize we are doing it) and we end up in a terrible mess because we didn’t believe God could be trusted.

Now, I love my sister so much it hurts sometimes. And I loved having her here. I just wish she could have read the annoyance in my tone. The last thing I wanted to say was; “Shut up!!” but I did. Probably more than once.

I believe even the most patient people would be driven to annoyance by a backseat driver.

I’ve been working on my patience for years. Ever since my mother told me I flew off the handle a lot (I was ten, by the way). I wanted to be better, so I prayed. But prayer can only take you halfway! You have to want it badly enough to change it. Otherwise, nothing will come of it and you will be the way you always were.

Wishing. Praying. Not changing.

It takes a lot of hard work to gain what God want’s us to do in this world. Are you ready for that challenge? I am.


2 responses to “Patience, challenges and trust.

  1. The only reason I was looking to see and btw I was [i]not[/i] doing that the entire time. Was to see the signs you guys said you couldn’t read.

    I’m very sorry I annoyed you so.

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