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Beauty is Within.

on October 4, 2011

Sometimes I realize how insanely vain I can be. How beautiful other girls are, and I’m not. How good they put on their make-up and have no blemishes, and I am nothing but blemishes. I feel down about how I look and who I am.

Then I realize, that I don’t live by the World’s standards. I keep falling to the wayside and getting stuck by the vanity mirrors lining the road, covered in the finest of make-up that will paint your face, wiping away outer blemishes. There is no make-up though, that can cover your inner blemishes.

Because, no matter how much you cake it on, your inner blemishes will still show through.  Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a bash or a flame toward girls who wear make-up, I have plenty of friends who are beautiful on the outside as well as the inside and they wear make-up (though, I cannot fathom why). I’ve never been a real “girly girl”, I guess that’s why.

I’m mostly talking about Hollywood, a lot of people there are fake. Alright, most of them. But it really gets me when I see people admiring them. It’s fine, admire them. But I can tell you, normal people? They are much more substantial than most of the people in Tinsel town.

I encourage all of you girls to consider this; If you’ve ever been told once that you are beautiful, no matter who it was, then you are. Don’t let it go to your head, but it’s not wrong to consider yourself pretty. Better than bashing yourself all the time, right? That’s how a lot of people get anorexia and other eating disorders. They strive hard to be “perfect” by the world’s standards, when all they really need to do is strive for perfection by GOD’s standards. And believe me, God’s standards are much harder to live up to than the world’s. There is a better reward for your efforts in the end as well: Eternal Life.


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