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Resolutions — Damaging Fear

on January 11, 2012

What do we all know about every year before?

Most likely, that we have made resolutions that never were finished. We sluffed it off with an “ehh” and moved on. Whatever, life is life, right? We are used to living in this exact same cycle.

Personally, I feel like a gerbil.

You know what they get to do? Either — sit in a cage, pooping, eating and drinking all day or run on their wheel. And I can tell you right now. I’ve done all of that this year.

Don’t you feel as if you are running on a wheel? A never-ending wheel, that no matter how much faster you go, you don’t get any close to your dreams? Have you ever felt like that? I have.

It’s not fun.

In fact, it stinks.

Life isn’t supposed to be like a wheel, where we keep running and we get no where. Life is supposed to be something we live — not pass by.

Recently, I’ve realized quite a lot about myself. I discovered that I like to run in circles, constantly chasing my tail and arguing with myself that this is in fact the right thing, because its easy and comfortable. Its my safe zone. As long as I continue on this way, nothing matters.

Yet, I get days where I just have this huge tugging. Longing. A need for change. Any change! Something that shatters my mundane lifestyle and sends me flying off that stupid old wheel, out of the cage and into the life I was meant to be living.

I honestly feel sorry for gerbils’, they will never know what it’s like to be free.

But we, humans, we can. We know. We’ve felt it! It’s there in our lives staring us in the face. We just refuse to look at it.

Freedom to some means; disappointment, regret, risk. Fear.

Fear is the biggest factor of all. Show of hands — who has been afraid of change?

Show of hands — who hasn’t?

Answer? There isn’t a single person alive — no matter what they claim— that hasn’t been afraid of change at least once in their life. Funny, isn’t it? How we feel so alone, like no one can understand, when in actuality (haha* ) there are many people who suffer what we suffer on a daily basis.

Aren’t we so selfish? It’s all just about “us.” We are the victims! We are the only ones hurting! Me, me, me. I, I, I.

What about them, them, them? The people who we turn blind eyes to. The change we don’t want to see? The self-improvement we ignore… solely because we fear.

Fear is a killer. God is the cure. Seek out the light that breaks through the clouds of the storm, for behold, we are not alone. His everlasting light glows with the majesty of hope, love and forgiveness. And a cure for the senseless fear that threatens to destroy the magnificent things that could change us, make us better, and help us believe.

What are your Resolutions this year? Make at least one of them about God. Don’t let the fear of change threaten your future, and all the joy it will bring.

I think, we should make different copies of our resolutions and bring them around with us, that way, we’ll never neglect them and always remember them. Even if you only accomplish one thing this year, isn’t that better than all the years you sluffed it off?


*That’s in reference to the Mentalist. Thanks Patrick Jane.


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