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A talented piece of paper

on January 16, 2012

You know what gets me down more than anything else?

Thinking I won’t ever get published.

My heart just shatters onto the floor and I want to break down crying. It’s hard to imagine that I wouldn’t be a writer. I have so many good book ideas, so much beauty I want to share with the world. I just want to make a difference.

Sometimes, I start thinking about how I don’t have a degree, so people might reject my book. People might sluff me off, just because I don’t have some stupid piece of paper that confirms I know something. You don’t need a degree to have a creative and beautiful mind. I have learned quite a lot from my own experiences and from reading.

I think I read more than anyone I know. I don’t just read either, I study the pattern. The way the words are woven. Some are woven so loosely and distinctly lacking in inspiration that I can’t continue to read it. Or it’s blatantly horrible.

(I could give a few examples, but I’d rather not offend anyone)

Then I feel better, because if dumb, stupidly written book’s like that can be published and make money, my stories that are thought out with plot and actual meaning, could be published too. Hope re-enters my world.

God has given me a talent. I don’t intend to waste it.


2 responses to “A talented piece of paper

  1. Neeks says:


    Jules Verne

    Victor Hugo


    Leon Tolstoy

    Hans Christian Anderson

    None of these authors had degrees either. You can do this. 🙂

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