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What does “responsible adult” mean?

on January 18, 2012

I’m not really what people call “responsible.”

I slack off, leave my laundry in the basket for a week or two, and I never change a lightbulb unless I have to; I’m perfectly fine being in the dark. Unfortunately, there are times when I should be an adult, that I just “ehh” it away and prance off like a unicorn in fairyland. That’s just how I am. I don’t like having to be responsible, it’s boring and tiring.

I just can’t handle it.

That’s probably why my grandparent’s hate it when I come over. I slump off into a corner and get on my laptop or watch TV.

My priorities are focus on what entertains me. The fascinating and none-mundane.

“My memory is a mighty fortress Lisbon, from which, no fact ever escapes once committed. Now when you tell me boring things, I set ’em free immediately. Saves overcrowding.” – Patrick Jane.

That’s definitely how I feel. Only, my memory isn’t a mighty fortress. It’s more like an attic, stuffed full of stuff that I like and find amusing. Otherwise, I completely ignore it, forget it and wave it off.


I’m responsible when I have to be. That’s all that matters. I don’t know why people think you have to be a total stiff your whole life, it’s good to be goofy!!

Take it easy!

P.S.: I changed my theme!! YOU LIKE?!


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