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‘Poo Free

on January 20, 2012

That sounds funny doesn’t it?

When my sister first said; “I’m going poo free!” I laughed at my desk at work. Of course, I had my hand plastered over my mouth to keep from attracting attention from the rest of the office, but I still laughed. I wanted to know how she was going to go ‘poo’ free. To me, that sounded like “poop” and I don’t think it’s scientifically possible to go poop free without being on a liquid diet which can hurt you badly.

But no, she wasn’t talking about that.

She meant Shampoo, ‘poo. She sent me a link to a blog where a woman spoke of the damaging effects of Shampoo chemicals that strip your hair of the oils that are supposed to protect your hair.

I was startled to hear that 1 tablespoon of baking soda to 1 cup of water in a bottle is all you need for “shampoo.”

I used it. And it worked. I am even more surprised. My hair has never, ever been this glossy or less itchy. My head was flaking before because it was so dry. Now it doesn’t flake at all. I’m really amazed.

But why?

God is so amazing, you know. He has made all this good, natural stuff and we would rather use chemical induced products that are man-made to strip the oil that protects our hair off our heads. Awful, isn’t it?

I’ve been ‘poo free for a week now! And I’m loving it. I highly recommend it to those who want to try. My older sis complained that her hair wouldn’t smell good if she did that. I’m looking into a remedy for it, I think an essential oil to help with smell would be a good idea.

Here are two site’s my sis gave me; Simple Mom and Crunchy Betty.

Simple Mom’s blog has the baking soda one and Crunchy Betty has a solution to those who aren’t ready to go totally ‘poo free.

I’m becoming a hippie.


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