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The dark Grungy streets of Writing

on January 25, 2012

You know, there is a reason I became a writer. It’s a good one to be sure. I wanted to write what I knew other people wouldn’t, I wanted to read what I wrote because they were the stories I wanted to read. But over time, that inspiration shifted, and I began to write for a different reason: to inspire people.

I see a lot of bad things happening in the world around me, it breaks my heart to see it. I want to write books that will open minds and get people thinking about the issues. Even if it’s not directly related.

As for the way I write, it’s a writers worst nightmare to have a scrabble board in their brain as they try to work out the correct words (what is a word? How does it work? Why am I doing this again?) it’s a long, hard, terrible road. Fraught with dangers such as: depression; angst; humiliation; horror; jealousy; anger and broken trust. Oh it can be a fun journey, but it’s more painful than not.

Some people think; “I’ll just sit down and write it! No big deal. What’s a novel but words?”

That is where they would be wrong. A novel is more than just words slapped to a piece of paper (you can read books like Twilight if you are only interested in Ink and Paper) books need to have substance.  Substance is something that is lost on main-stream writers.

Know that saying; “It’s what is on the inside that counts”? Well, that goes for books to. If you write a book, just for the words on the page, you get a boring; dull; loathsome book that a lot of people will hate and might even burn.

I’m saddened that a lot of people don’t realize the imagination that goes into writing a novel. The horrible stress levels the writer must go through. Crying, weeping and wailing! I do all of those. I go through days that make me wish I wasn’t alive. It’s pretty horrible, actually. Why am I a writer again?

When you start asking yourself that, you need to remember why.

Because, I want to inspire a nation. I want to inspire the world. FORGET fame and fortune! I want people to see what I see. Hear what I hear. Breathe in the very foul-stench of human decay, that I breathe a lot of my day.

Successful novels, aren’t successful for their word count; but for the characters’ that are inside the pages, that leap out at you and scream; “SEE ME!! I’M HERE!”

People have lost that. Lost touch with the character within. I feel myself losing the characters’ that I am writing about; I need to reconnect with them or all is lost.

Do you get it now? Writing can be fun.

And it can be painful.


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