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The sunny pastures of Writing

on January 27, 2012

Before we get started on today’s journal, I wanted to let you all know that my great friend, Patrick over at his blog; Voyager’s Quill, is having me guest post today, Jan. 27! It’ll be a blast as I talk about my creative process. Be sure to check it out! I’m really stoked about it!

Wednesday, I harped on about the horrible (or wonderful) the world of writing can be. But, today I’m going to tell you about the sunlight at the edge of the window and the dew that has not yet dried on the grass.

Writing is different for everyone. It can be enjoyable to some; annoying to others, and infuriating to a lot.  Some people just don’t understand words, the way they work, how they live and breathe.

That sounds weird right?

Yeah, it does.

My older middle sister gives me strange looks when I say things like that. Things about how the work comes to life, and how I believe in my characters or how I get annoyed at them. My sister is a photographer, she captures the life around her and pins it for people to look at. It’s a great career!

For her, photography is her art.

For me, it’s my characters.

A story is nothing without a sound cast of characters holding the audience at attention; making them wish for more; grasping for the adventures the character’s are having.  The creative process that goes into the actual molding of the character is a long one.  You, as the creator, must make them believable.

What do all the writer’s of old have in common? Well… a few do have boring casts, annoying characters and just… a very wordy way of writing.  But some know how to capture your heart, make you feel for his or her characters.

That’s what writers should aim for in their writing. Something to capture and captivate their audience.

I look forward to the books that win over my heart, and I pray that one day, I’ll be able to write a book that captures someones heart as well.

It’s like a painting in a gallery, aside from their main “cast” they have a background. That background is like the stage for an actor, the set-up for a movie, the thing tha makes it all wonderful. What are characters’ without their scenery to move about in, on, around, up and down.  It’s just as important as the characters! It has to be interesting.

Writing is a delicate art, like a detailed brush against canvas; like painting a butterflies wings. One small mistake can be covered up, but one wrong move and the painting is ruined forever. Not even an amazing artist can recover from a black slash across their work of art.

Be careful how you handle words, they could be your undoing or your future.


2 responses to “The sunny pastures of Writing

  1. I’m not sure I’ve ever given you weird looks. I love reading. I understand the way a character can come to life even if I’m not good at writing myself. I love the worlds people create through their words.

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