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Cheerful and gloomy soul

on February 6, 2012

I’ve pondered what to write here today, and I think I’ll share my ups-and-downs with you.  This weekend, like most weekends when I don’t do anything, I got so frustrated and I took it out on my poor sister who took it with a sigh and a “well, let’s go do something,” As I flopped around and felt miserable.  We finally went to the library and got A Very Potter Musical.  Which cheered me up for the night.

But, my heart is aching today.  I feel like I’m missing something, there is a hole in my heart I keep trying to fill.  I keep trying to push my faith into it, but it keeps coming undone, like a badly sewn pillow.  I wonder what I’m doing wrong… why my heart twangs when I’m not thinking of anything.  A dark cloud of gloom has fallen over my heart.

You and I, we have many battles to fight.  Ones we may feel we will never, ever get through.  The truth is, we can make it.  God has us in His arms and He won’t let us go once He has us.

Sorry it is so short.  My brain is elsewhere! Enjoy you beautiful Monday~


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