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When all seems lost

on February 29, 2012


My name was called, I stood as the man appeared around the corner, he acknowledged me with a nod and I read his grim expression.  Something was terribly wrong.  As he spoke, I felt my hands going numb, my brain shorting out.  The damage was extensive; it would cost a lot; so much more money than I had.  I nodded, agreeing without thinking what I was saying.  What else could I do? I had nothing else to say.

He talked about lowering the price, helping me out.  I felt hope flit into my heart for a moment, and it was crushed again as he came back to me and told me the price.  It was as high, but it was still very high.  More money than I had.

I nodded my head like a robot, trying to focus.  I wasn’t all that nervous anymore… more like just trying not to think about the money.  I tried many things, pressing the phone to my ear, hoping someone would come and save me.  Save me.

When no one answered, I tried two other numbers… nothing.  I had no choice, breathing deeply; I confessed to the man that I had to drive my car home, no matter what.  Just as he was warning me against it, an idea popped into my head; an idea from God, I have no doubt. 

I called up a friend from work; he could pick me up.  I was saved, for now. 

He offered to drive me into work the next day, and I agreed, but told him that I did have time off I could use.  He didn’t care either way; another blessing.  I accepted his offer.

These, wonderful people, gave me a call back later that night, his wife; whom I baby-sit for sometimes, wanted to help me.  She told me, she’d cover the costs of the car until I could get the money together for it.  I was so shocked, I nearly dropped my phone.

To think that, this woman, who I’ve only known for a year, wanted to help me… when no one else would step up to the plate.  I thanked her profusely, because, it was a blessing.  A huge, huge blessing.

When no one else in my family was willing to help, these wonderful people took my troubles and said; “It’s alright! We’ll help you.”

Tell me, what is the definition for Family?

To me, family means: Loving each other, caring about each other, FORGIVING each other.  That last one is hard, forgiving.  But if we don’t want to be angry, grumpy-faced men and woman when we get old, we need to put the past away and open the future. 

God has given us all the tools we need to live, and reflect the character of Christ.  Why are we waiting? What is holding us back from being who God made us to be? 

That sort of giving spirit is not something seen everyday.

It is a beautiful thing though, when it is seen.  I praise God for it.  Now I must learn from it, learning to be that giving is hard, what isn’t in life?

I encourage you to give the gift of God’s love to your fellow man, teach them, and let them know you care.


2 responses to “When all seems lost

  1. mesiegweeks says:

    This may have been a lesson in the value of a friend. It is no coincidence that your friend was able to come to your rescue. God willed your situation to happen in this way. Do not be angry at your family for not being able to help you out. I am a true believer that everything happens for a purpose and God truly does work in mysterious ways.


    • Hi Beth,

      Oh, it was a lesson of that, I have no doubt. God has been teaching me so many lessons its been hard to keep up. I don’t believe in coincidence, either. God rescued me from that trial through something I never thought possible. I knew they were nice people, but even nice people have their limit. It’s not that my family wasn’t able to help me, it’s that they wouldn’t. I am angry at them because they didn’t even try, and in no uncertain terms did my grandmother tell me that if my dad didn’t help pay, she wouldn’t. My family believes that because they suffered, we should have to go through the same situation; instead of: Since we suffered, we don’t want you to suffer. A much more giving attitude my friends displayed than my grandparents wouldn’t, and that is why I am angry. Family is a word that people apply to the ones they are related to; family is a word I apply to the people who truly care about me and my sister. I don’t hate them; I love them, but that doesn’t I have to trust them.

      I believe God works in mysterious ways as well. He has proven to me all that and more the past two years.

      Thank you for your encouraging words. I appreciate it. God is working on me in ways I never thought possible. =) Thanks again!

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