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A Wilting Plant

on March 16, 2012

Standing in the store, I glared at that French coffee press; it wasn’t something I could afford.  It was far too expensive, and really, did I need it?  I sighed, putting the thing down and wandered over to the plants that my sister was inspecting.

We suddenly became very excited, and babbled about the 50% off plants, some were as low as a dollar! She found herself an aloe plant, while I found a plant that apparently wasn’t tagged with a name. 

That’s when I saw a wilting plant in one of the areas.  It looks so sad, very lonely and dropping all its leaves.  No one loved it.  If I hadn’t been looking, I never would have seen it.

I picked it up, my heart immediately aching for that poor withering plant.  I was determined to take it home, and asked my sister if it would live.  She told me it was possible, but if it died I would have wasted four dollars.  In my mind, that is a small price to pay for trying.  So I bought it.

The thing was sad and pathetic.  I watered it, spoke sweet words to it and gave it the light it needed.  That was three days ago, now it is coming back in full-force, perking up and having life in its leaves again.  I feel hope and pride swell in my heart when I see it. 

Come on, little one.  You can make it.

I realized why that plant made me ache.  Because in the wilted leaves, abused stalks and dried dirt, I saw myself.  A slouching, wilting human with no water, no light and no one to care for it, except for God.  He gives me the water, the light and the strength I need to perk up my leaves and feel stronger as the days go by.

Sometimes, after reading the Bible, I feel that I may not make it to heaven because of all my dark sins.  It makes me want to cry, because that is all I really want at the end of the day, is to serve and to serve well.

All that plant needed was some loving, kind attention.  And God shows me that every day, giving me soft words and cheering me on. 

“Come on, little one.” God coaxed, “I am here for you.  Nothing can keep us apart.  You are my child, and I have given you life.”

God saved me when everyone else turned a blind eye.  God gave me the hope and courage I needed.  He saw the wilting plant and brought it home to be taken care of.

This weekend, I pray you all will remember all the great things God has done for you in your life.  Even when it feels like you have no strength to stand, God is holding you and keeping you on your feet. Isn’t that the greatest news? I hope you all have a great weekend!


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