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Are we not all a phantom?

on April 2, 2012

Over this weekend, I watched the onstage production for the 25th Anniversary of the Phantom of the Opera on DVD.  It was spectacular! I was a bit thrown off by the over-dramatic acting and some of the ham they dished out, but I ignored that and enjoyed the core of the acting and the beauty of the outfits.

When the end finally came, where the Phantom screams at Christine and her love, Raoul.  He is on the steps, crying and the monkey begins to play its tune.  I started crying right there.  The Phantom’s gut-wrenching scream really got to me.  All that pain and anguish he must have felt and been feeling since the moment he realized he was hated, just because of how he looked.

I thought about how people are rejected every day for how they look and many people have no sympathy or love for them.  How heartless and cruel the world can be toward them. 

Even though I know it is only a movie, I can’t help but think of the people who may have suffered or are suffering like the Phantom.  That is what moves me more than anything.  To even imagine that sort of pain makes me cry.

All I want to do, when I see people who are hurting,  is reach out to them, let them know they aren’t alone.  Because I know how painful it can be, to think you are utterly alone and that no one loves you.

That is why I want to proclaim to all who will hear: God Loves You.  He is there for you. 

One of the reasons I want to be a novelist is so I can get my message out there and perhaps, help someone who is in need of helping.  Through God’s will, I know I can.

In a way, we are all that Phantom, aren’t we? Crying out.  Begging to be loved and sometimes, finding no love at all.

Nobody should have to go without knowing what it is like to really love or be loved.  People are hurting all around us.  It could be your neighbor, a stranger, or your best friend.  Don’t allow yourself to over-look them just because they smile, there could be some secret hurt that they always hide, wishing someone would care enough to ask them about.

I encourage you to tell your friends (if you haven’t already)  that you are there for them, and they can trust you.


2 responses to “Are we not all a phantom?

  1. ladydee94 says:

    Thanks a lot for this it was really inspiring once again thanks 🙂

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