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Spring is a Blessing

on April 4, 2012

I sat absently at my desk, eyes drifting here and there.  Trying desperately to find something that would occupy my time until the end of the hour.

I sighed for the fiftieth time that day,

I’ve been doing that a lot.

My eyes ache from staring at the computer screen for so long and my throat feels thick and dry from lack of water.

Annoyed, I glanced outside at the sun that plays freely among the trees.  Bouncing off the cars with giddy happiness and sharing its splendor with the world.

I scowl.  The sun is free to have fun.  How I wish I were out there in it, basking in its glorious rays of warmth and familiarity.

Something catches my eye.  It’s white and small.

I turn my head all the way toward the window to get a proper look at it,

It’s a butterfly, tiny and white.  It’s fluttering up and down makes a smile twitch to my lips.

Spring is here.

Spring has always been a time of blessing for me.  I take a deep breath, letting it out slowly.   I will be fine.  I just have to trust in He who delivers me, and I won’t need to feel so desperate anymore.  It’s almost time to leave… freedom is at my fingertips and a whisper of a promise for better things.


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