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Patience can be an Adventure.

on April 6, 2012

It’s early morning on a Friday.  My alarm beeps like a fire-alarm, trying to coax me out of my rest.  It’ll take nearly an hour before it will succeed

My sense of excitement and adventure is not even close to being awake at 5:30 in the morning.  I am still trying to catch the ‘z’s that are slipping away from me rapidly. 

Why do we have to get up at all? I ponder, as my alarm goes off for the tenth time.  Why can’t I just sleep until I’m satisfied? I turn off my alarm and sigh. 

I have the hardest time getting up on Friday mornings, because it is so close to Saturday, that I want it to be Saturday. 

My drive to work isn’t very long at all, but this morning, it might as well have been to California.  I was half-asleep the whole way (I blame myself for that) and listening to music that didn’t really do a very good job of waking me up.

When I finally sit at the desk at work, I find a new post friend’s blog.  I click it.  I’m sucked into the tale of his adventure to Nashville, Tenn.  It sounds really nice! And suddenly, I want adventure.  Sadly, I know my car would break down somewhere in the middle of nowhere and I’d be stuck. 

Isn’t that the fun of it though?

Adventure is a risk, at every turn there is the danger of something going wrong, the idea that gleams in your mind.  Isn’t that when the fun things happen though? Because we are forced to think outside of what we normally do and explore the world around us, even if we are a little scared?

I know someday I’ll do all that I think and say I will.  I know I’m going on those adventures… it’s alright if I have to wait for them.  Because waiting for them will make them far sweeter when I really go; I’ll be able to enjoy them because I had to wait, because I was forced to have patience.

Isn’t it like our relationship with Christ? It’s an adventure.  We are scared, but we still go after it, that relationship also takes a great deal of patience on our part.  We are called to wait on the LORD, and sometimes that can be very frustrating in this world where we expect everything to come quickly.

God is teaching patience, even when I refuse to listen; He is there, teaching. 

How can I ignore the lessons that my Father above is sending me?

This coming Sunday is Easter, I am reminded of patience.  Easter is about more than food and candy.  It represents more than what we have brought it to mean (and between you and me, I have no idea how they came up with the Easter bunny, haha), I am reminded that I am also waiting on the time when I will be taken from this world, and brought to the real treasure, which is in Heaven. 

“Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.” – Matthew 6: 34.


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