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Beauty in the every day

on May 11, 2012

It hurts to wake up to a rainy day, especially when you already feel icky. 

There is nothing worse than waking sour.  The rest of your day is entirely ruined by that one bad moment, and you continue like that, forgetting how to pull out of it.

That happens to me so often, I grow tired of it.

I started searching for the beauty in every day things.  Even in the people I pass on the streets or in a store.  I’ve begun to see the world in a much different light.

It makes a difference when we stress less.  When we remember to slow down.  From the minute one wakes in the morning, to the time when they drop to sleep, we need to remember that. 

Having guests over at my house has made life different, in a better way.

Instead of sitting out in the living-room, watching soul-sucking TV shows for the 100th time (I don’t have cable or internet at my house), I have been sitting in my room painting.  And it’s been great.

It gives me time to think about the sun outside, the wind in the trees, and since I paint right in front of my mirror, I have the opportunity to tell myself good things.  I have to work on my low self-esteem, and seeing myself that often does me good.  Makes me realize I’m not as ugly and broken as I think I am.

I’ve been seeing the beauty in me and in the people around me; people I would normally have shrugged off.  I find that one thing that makes them who they are, and then they sparkle like a freshly cut diamond.  It’s extraordinary!

I think to myself; “This must be how God sees things, only, much more vivid!” He get’s to see into their hearts, and I am seeing one tiny part. I feel privileged to even get to see that one drop of beauty. 

I am humbled by the beauty. 

How many people pass by the tiny flowers that grow under their feet? Never once looking down to see that twinkling blue, gold or pink?  That’s why I keep my eyes open.  When I see that flicker of color or the dark green leaves above me, my soul sings.

It’s a message and a hug from my heavenly Daddy, telling me; “Life is beautiful, and so are you.”

I try very hard to find the beauty in everything, even in something the world finds ugly.

I thank God for my imagination and creativity, because it has helped me see the world through very different eyes.

Blessings –

1) Sunlight

2) Fresh air

3) Trees

4) Flowers

What have you been blessed with today? And what beauty have you seen?


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