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When Traveling…

on May 25, 2012

I recently (very recent) had to drive out to Missouri for my sister’s wedding, it took place Saturday and it was beautiful! I loved every second I was able to spend with her and my brother-in-law.

The days leading up to the wedding were so busy that I didn’t have any time to sit and talk to God.  I figured everything would be alright.

The problem is, when I don’t take the time to speak with my Heavenly Father, I get very cranky.

The drive over wasn’t nearly as bad as the drive back.  I was far from peaceful and I lost my temper quite a bit.  I am never how I want to be on road trips.  I always want to be easy-going, like when someone makes a mistake I’ll just blow it off and say; ‘No big!’.  Only, I can’t.

I’ve been fighting that for a while now, and it’s not easy.  Take it from someone with anger issues.

I was taught a lesson in trusting God on my way home from Missouri.  It is really my fault, because I was so tired I didn’t register that my sister said she wanted to use the restrooms too, and so I left my keys in the car.

Unfortunately, she also left her keys in the car.  I was so tired and frustrated that after talking to the attendant behind the desk, and getting some help, I cried while leaning against the car.  And much to my own embarrassment, I even whined and flung myself against the car crying; “I just want to go home!” Keep in mind it was 12:30 p.m.and I had been driving since 9:30 a.m.

I shrugged off my sister’s comfort.  I think I hurt her feelings, I have apologized for that.

We stood shivering in the cold until the man arrived, and worked on our car.  He didn’t seem to be having much luck, and my sister and I were praying our guts out.

I prayed hard;’Lord, PLEASE get us out of this! I know you can save us; you are the only chance we have! And if he can’t do it, then there is nothing else for us! LORD, please, please, please!’

I don’t know when I realized it, but a small voice whispered; ‘you aren’t trusting God.’ And I knew it was true.

Slowly, I let my panic fall, I let all my fears drop away and I whispered; “God, I trust You.  No matter what you let happen to us, You will be with us.  Even if we have to sleep in the gas station, You will save us.  I trust and believe in You.’


The door opened.  We were so shocked and joyful that my sister and I both hugged the man and thanked him profusely, while thanking God silently.  We sang His praises and listened to worship music most of the way back.  I cried hard while I drove, because I realized how I had been acting and that God had been watching over me the whole time.  I had nothing to fear, and yet, I had feared.

“Oh, you of little faith…”

God taught me a lesson that night, a lesson I have been taught over and over and over again, and I have no doubt that He will continue to teach me the same lesson as long as I live, because I am a stubborn mule.

My lesson is to always Trust God, no matter what happens.  And to apologize to the people I’ve hurt for being a terrible driver.


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