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Don’t be like others, be yourself!

on August 1, 2012

I’m not sure why I insist on tormenting myself by reading what hurts me.  I should know by now that it is only going to make me ill to read it, yet I do.  Why I wonder?
I know I don’t crave the feeling of hurt or inadequacy that beats against my skull when I read it.  Maybe it’s because every time I go to read it, I think; ‘I won’t let it get to me!’ and it does.
I’ve decided not to care today, though.  I am a writer! A warrior of words.  So what if my words aren’t the same as that persons?  Or another writers? If they were, we would learn absolutely nothing.

I have to come back to my purpose – to serve God.  As long as I am writing to serve God, I am free.

In other news (this is completely random) I bought myself a ‘Doctor Who’ iPod skin cover! I can’t wait…so excited.

It’s a lovely day, let’s enjoy it together!


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