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The Weekend’s Call

on August 3, 2012

Friday is here again.

Time for the weekend to begin!

I’m going to spend my weekend cleaning, writing and arting (drawing).  Praising God for being alive, and most likely sleeping more than is necessary!

If you have a packed weekend of fun, don’t forget to take a few moments and thank God for everything He has given you.  And if you think your weekend is going to be a bad one, I suggest getting out into the world.

I’ve discovered, I’m becoming more of an introvert than an extrovert.  I am, naturally, an introvert-extrovert.  It’s a bit disorienting.  However, I find myself drawing back into my shell a lot these days, so I decided to accept an offer to hang out with my boss and a few people from other parts of my work.  I ‘m going to enjoy myself, even if ice-skating is not my forte.

Have a great weekend!


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