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Shine! You are Beautiful.

on August 16, 2012

I was having a chat with a friend (I did most of the talking as per usual – I’m a conversation stealer) and while I was talking, I began to read a post from (in)courage about “If only you saw what I can see”.

This is a big deal to me, because every day I struggle to see what God sees in me.  I feel utterly ugly and useless a lot of the time.  I wonder what I’m contributing to the world, and that is a dangerous road to walk.  It leads to a dark pit into which I fall and stay in for a few days.

That’s why I don’t allow myself to think like that often.  It leaves a scar bigger than any I’ve ever received physically, and emotionally it tears me to pieces.

Those are the days when I need to hear; “You are beautiful, special.  You have talent!” And how many times have I wished to be seen as me? My sister once said; “No one treats you like that.” And I gave her look.  She doesn’t know what I feel, even if it’s unfounded, it’s still there!

A wound is a hard thing to mend, especially an emotional wound.  That’s why, like that wonderful woman at (In)courage, I want to say this;

I see you.  You who is having a hard day, who feels like nothing they are doing is working or significant.  You who feels dejected and alone; who feels like no one in the world cares.   You who are naturally beautiful, all of you! I see you all.   God has made you with beauty beyond what the human eyes can see or ever perceive! I know you want to feel special, and you should, because you are.  You are beautiful, wonderful, talented! I wish you could see what God sees, what I see, when He looks at you and when I look at you.  You are significant, you are not like anyone else, unique and wonderful!

Don’t give up on your potential, on your life, on love and friendship.  You have amazing gifts! I know it. So please, don’t look down on yourself – look up at the sky because that is the only place you need look, up and ahead.  Never behind and at your feet.

“A smile can pass from you to clerk, from a clerk to a husband, from the husband to an army soldier, from the soldier to a stranger in a distant land. You don’t know where that smile is going, it could go global.  Don’t ever forget to smile, it cheers people and makes them feel better if they are having a bad day. ” – This is something I said to a friend.  I quoted it because it’s sort’ve off topic, but it is not any less true than the first time I said it.

Don’t hide, shine! I wanna see that smile, because you are beautiful.  You have a lot to offer, you never know what you have until you share it with others.  Something you think or feel may not be something someone else has ever thought or felt.  You have meaning, are you listening?

God sees you for you.  He sees me for me, and that is what gets my through my day – that and extremely encouraging friends who put up with my emotional tornadoes.
I pray you will see what God sees and realize it is true.


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