Absent Minded Muser

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The Muser

About The Muser –

My name is Jenny, I live in an old musty, stinky house that has tons of bugs. I am a Christian and a writer who believes in following your dreams and daring to take a chance. I also love Wonderland and am a huge believer in Neverland. I have a good obsession with coffee and all things that go with it.  Someday I would like to live in Korea or Japan. I have a craving to see the world before I die and I pray God blesses me with a chance to inspire everyone I meet.  I am also very, very random.

My Dreams

To be a published author, a better artist, and to see the world through God’s eyes

I hope that through my blog I can inspire you. I want to inspire you to dream, because Dreams do come true.

Dreams are made to be lived. So you want to marry a prince? Do it. You want to be a singer? Sing!

People tell you, you can’t do it? Ignore them. It’s not their life. It’s yours. What will you do with it?

Life is like a budding flower; it starts slow and then flourishes. Soon it’ll die. You have to take the time to water and feed your mind while you still can. And don’t worry about how you will, just do it. With God as your guide, anything is possible.

“You’re sure to do impossible things, when you follow your heart.” – Thumbelina.

Aspirations –

I hope to create a place where writers, artists, and dreamers from all walks of life can come and talk and dream. A sanctuary of living beauty; an escape from the cruel and unimaginative ways of the world.


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